5 Reasons to Visit New Zealand

| September 15, 2017

As a Scot I always wondered what the fuss was about New Zealand. It just looked like my home country as far as I could see. Then I went there.

New Zealand for me instantly shot right up my favourite countries list. Here is a guest post from writer Tom Scott to fill you in of five reasons you should visit too.


New Zealand is quite simply one of the world’s most attractive travel destinations. Known for breathtaking natural beauty, fun cities, and interesting culture, it’s got something for all tastes. And then there’s the Southern Hemisphere weather – New Zealand can serve as a warm winter getaway for many of us who live above the equator.

A list of everything New Zealand offers could last for pages and pages, with a massive amount to see and do. Here instead is a quick overview narrowing down potential destinations, with five fun things to do in this glorious country.

1 – Explore The Epic Nature

To point out a single park or natural attraction would be to do New Zealand a great injustice. New Zealand is known for its natural beauty – and while plenty of travel articles say that about plenty of places, it’s truer here than most anywhere else. This list of top-rated tourist attractions gives you an idea of how much there is to see beyond man-made attractions. Fiordland National Park combines towering peaks with otherworldly waters; the Bay Of Islands looks as if someone combined the rolling green of rural England with the beaches and waters of the Caribbean; Tongariro National Park makes it clear why filmmakers have used New Zealand to depict other worlds; and Mount Cook National Park gives you an idea of the more alpine beauty of New Zealand.

2 – Follow in Hollywood’s Footsteps

Film sets and studios wouldn’t ordinarily make lists of the best things to see or do in an entire country. But Hobbiton is different. Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings series is one of the biggest achievement in film in the 21st century so far, and it all started with the picturesque, fairytale village that the series’ lovable Hobbits call home. Well, this village actually exists, just a short drive from Hamilton, Rotorua, or Tauranga. You can tour the area, and even get a look at the Green Dragon Inn.

3 – Savour Local Sports

There are a rich array of sporting events to enjoy in New Zealand, but the most famous are rugby and cricket, which are two of the biggest sports in the country. The national team, nicknamed the “All-Blacks,” is arguably the greatest in the rugby world. Cricket, depending on where you come from, may be a little less familiar. But it’s a sport taken seriously in New Zealand, and visiting any of the grounds – most notably Seddon Park in Hamilton, where the national team plays – can be fun. This guide is meant primarily for people with an interest in betting on outcomes, but it actually provides a handy overview of the different types of competitions and rules in cricket as well, and is a handy reference if the sport is new to you.

4 – Try Out Water Sports

If you’re interested in getting active yourself, New Zealand is about as good as it gets when it comes to water sports. You’ll find remarkable spots to kayak, city harbours where you can learn how to sail, and sublime beaches where you can try surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. You’ll also discover some gorgeous waters for scuba diving and snorkelling. Generally of it’s an activity that involves the water, it exists in New Zealand.

5 – Visit A Vineyard

It’s nice to relax at some point during your trip, and the New Zealand wineries give you the perfect opportunity to do just that. New Zealand wine has really burst on to the international stage over the last decade and here you will quickly see why. You can get a feel for some of the country’s best vineyards here, though you could look no further than Herzog, a Marlborough vineyard that looks a bit like a combination of many of the most renowned wine-producing regions in the world.

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