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| May 27, 2017

With so many places to visit in the world as a travel writer you would think that there is little time for going back to destinations that I have been to many times before. I can see the argument for always searching for the new, but there are some gems for me that more than reward a repeat visit and indeed get better every time I go. One of them is Portugal’s glorious Algarve…

I try to head down to this sun drenched oasis every year. It has so many sides to it to explore. It’s great for a family holiday as my kids can attest to. It’s also these days a bit of a foodie escape and, of course, there is the world class golf. I’ve been on hiking trips here too – the list goes on!

What always strikes me is the diversity, the ability to mix it up with other tourists in busy resorts, or slope off on your own to wee villages where visitors are much rarer. It is this variety I’ve flagged up in my double page spread article for the Sunday Post.

You can view the article as a pair of PDFs below. If it does not come up in your browser then just click on the links. Enjoy!

algarve2 (2)

algarve2 (1)

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