Bryson, the World’s Most Famous Travel Writer Talks Aboard Cunard

| December 20, 2013

Prolific writer and global traveller, Bill Bryson, recently travelled on a Cunard North American cruise, aboard the famous Queen Mary 2, and he made quite an impression.

The grand ship is, of course well used to well-known passengers coming aboard. It often hosts celebrities, like pioneering astronaut Dr. Jeffery Hoffman and Margaret Atwood, who is the Canadian author of Oryx and Crake.

The Queen Mary 2 is one of those big name vessels that seems to entice influential people onboard because of its palatially grand interiors and deep historic roots in Great Britain. She is a liner in the grand tradition of liners who offers a deeply traditional experience for every passenger. It comes as no surprise then that Bryson, himself a celebrated history buff and writer, chose a Cunard ship to cruise on.

Bryson Onboard Cunard

Onboard Bryson made a talk where he shared his favourite port, Port de Quebec, extolling the freedom of going on a long walk ashore when a ship is pulled into dock. Being the inveterate adventurer he is Bryson, of course, doesn’t plan ahead for his excursions, which all just added to the mystery of the ports that the Queen Mary 2 visited on the cruise.

If you are interested in gleaning some tips from Bryson on enjoying an adventure of a lifetime, check out his website or maybe buy his latest book, One Summer: America 1927. The latter delves into America’s coming of age, examining in his always engaging style how it became the global super power the world knows it as today.

The video of Bryson’s Cunard talk is available to watch here.

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