Come to South Carolina Y’all!

| June 5, 2019

I’ve just been out for the first time to South Carolina on the brand new British Airways flights out to this eastern US state. I was actually on the third ever flight out there from London Heathrow, the first direct connection from Europe so it really felt like pioneering.

I spent a lot of time in the capital of Charleston, which instantly became one of my favourite American cities with its superb restaurants, ace bars and welcoming vibe. I love that you could walk all over downtown and that the streets burst alive with history.

I also made it to Myrtle Beach, a honky-tonk beach playground vastly popular in the States and checked out malls, beaches and state parks alive with alligators and sea snakes.


I’ve had quite a few pieces published on the trip already with more to come. You can check them out here:


The Courier 




British Guild of Travel Writers 


If you’ve not been I suggest you hop on a flight and enjoy a big, chunky, smiley slice of southern hospitality!

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