Man, Mouse or maybe even a…Legend?

| September 5, 2013

The latest instalment of Heineken’s ‘Legends’ global campaign is ‘Voyage’, which is surely their most daring social experiment yet. The aim to parachute (metaphorically and maybe even literally) men into environments that are totally alien to them and that draw upon their base fears, pushing them to their very limits. The challenge then is to adapt as quickly as possible, show real resourcefulness, and become…a legend. Those taking part may find themselves exiled to the freezing wilderness of Alaska, all alone on a glacier with nothing but maybe a giant life-saving ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket to get them home. To make things even tougher the airport might be hundreds of miles away!

The ‘Voyage’ idea comes from premium beer brand Heineken®. They will be dropping a variety of men from all corners of the world into remote locations around the planet with nothing but the most basic of supplies to keep them going and some rudimentary directions. And the good news is that you can keep track of those ‘Dropped’ in this series of episodic adventures that follows the intrepid explorers on their eclectic travel experiences. Look out the integrated social media experiment on a variety of mediums, from broadcast through to digital and mobile. You can enjoy a ringside seat for each ‘Dropped’ voyage with documentary-style content, diaries and videos.
What will happen to them? No one knows. The answer lies within each of the adventurers – will they be able to prove that legends can not only be made but dropped too?

Check out the dedicated You Tube channel here!

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