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| May 2, 2017

It’s long been a source of frustration in my job that I never really get to write much about the hotels I stay at. Sure I get to name-check them and include some basic detail to give you an idea of what they are about, but often that is it. That has all changed, though, now I’ve started working with a newspaper who actively encourage detailed reviews that I think are far more useful to the reader.

I’ve started writing regular reviews for the Daily Telegraph for their Hotelegraph section. The main focus is the myriad range of places I stay at in Scotland, but I am also doing overseas ones too with plenty of reviews in the pipeline.

My reviews are not limited to just hotels either as I am also able to bring in top-notch self-catering escapes, glamping and even gypsy caravans. The basic rule is that they must be good to be included and then my review will go on to examine them in detail – from direct experience during my stay – to let you know just how good they are with a handy scoring system too.

I’ve popped a few of the reviews below. For more just Google my name and ‘Telegraph’. I hope you find them useful.



Trigony House Hotel and Garden Spa

East Haugh House

Roulotte Retreat

Ardgartan Argyll





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