My @Pearlshare Top 10 Scottish Isles

| August 2, 2016

Did you know Scotland has over 800 islands and that its coastline makes up over 10% of Europe’s littoral? Well there you go – now it’s time to explore the best of them.

I have been travelling around and writing about the myriad Scottish islands for 20 years now and I never, ever get tired of them. This deeply dramatic world of epic scenery and world class wildlife never fails to both surprise and amaze me.

Loch Coruisk - Boat Trip from Elgol

I’ve been writing guides for Pearlshare and have just put together one that reveals my Top 10 Scottish Isles. Below you can find a teaser of five of them with the best thing about each island. For the full guide just click here. I love Pearlshare as you can take it on the road with you, add comments to the guides and even add islands to it. Have a play and enjoy both Pearlshare and the glorious Scottish islands…

For getting around the CalMac ferry network is very handy and Visit Scotland have loads more info too.



Best Thing – The Stevenson Way. This wild and tricky walking route follows the route taken across Mull by David Balfour, the protagonist in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped novel. If you’re well prepared and experienced you will love this challenge.


Loch Coruisk on Skye

Best Thing – It feels like one vast movie set. Skye is unbearably romantic and dramatic. Countless TV shows and films have drawn upon this beauty, most recently the brilliant Hollywood adaptation of Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender.


Harris - Beaches and Mountains

Best Thing – Epic scenery. Take a look at this photo, which will probably be enough to make you want to head out to Harris. I love this island, whose starched white beaches are fringed by rugged hills and mountains.



Best Thing – Arran is seriously family friendly! I take me wee girls over to Arran every year and they love the wildlife, beaches and family friendly restaurants.

St Kilda


Best Thing – The wildlife. Hundreds of thousands of seabirds call St Kilda home, including the world’s largest colony of gannets and thousands of cute puffins. In the water you can savour seeing dolphins, porpoises and whales.


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