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| April 8, 2017

For years cynics have been sounding the death knell for newspapers. I, of course, realise that there are multiple challenges in this digital age when people (including me) expect so much for ‘free’, so it’s great to see some newspapers thriving and commissioning new columns. I’ve been signed up by the Dundee based The Courier to pen a fortnightly travel section, my first regular newspaper column since 2011.

I hope this new commission is a sign that things are looking up for papers in general. It’s a great chance for me to share my experiences, both in Scotland and further afield, with over 40,000 readers – much more than that in reality as so many people pass The Courier on to friends and family. Then of course there is their excellent internet site too.

The column will have a main feature every fortnight on a different destination, sometimes a round-up with lots of destinations incorporated. Then there will be two break out boxes. The first is ‘Hotel of the Fortnight’ where I share somewhere I’ve stayed at recently that I have loved. The second is ‘Travel Tips’, little nuggets of information that readers can use, like new flight routes from Scotland, upcoming festivals and so on.

I’m really looking forward to sharing all my travels with the readers and hopefully to inspiring people to enjoy some great adventures of their own. My introductory column sets the tone of what the column is about and what I will be doing – you can link straight into the introduction here (there is a also a PDF below if you cannot link to that). It would be great if you get a chance to look at some of the columns, which I will posting links to below as they come out. Enjoy and happy travels!

Dumfries & Galloway

Australia’s East Coast

Top Scottish Islands

Australia’s West Coast

Hollywood’s Love Affair with Scotland

The Best Scottish Beaches

Tale of Two New Scottish Cruises

Escape to Windsor

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