Scotsman 48 Hours in Champagne Article

| March 24, 2017

Forget the imitators like cava and prosecco. If you’re a true fan of the famous sparkling French wine then you have to make a pilgrimage out to the La Champagne region at least once in your life.

I’ve been lucky enough to get out here a few times over the years and each visit makes me more of a fan. The vineyards, of course, are reason to visit on their own, but there are also swathes of other attractions, from UNESCO World Heritage listed cathedrals to boat trips through historic towns, and on to a slew of restaurants where bubbly is an ideal accompaniment and even finds its way into some of the dishes.

I’ve put together 48 Hours in Champagne for The Scotsman, which handily pulls together some of my favourite spots. Favourite spots for now that is as I aim to get back out to the land of champagne as soon as I can.

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