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| March 24, 2016

If you have spent time on this website, searched for me on the Internet or even met me on my travels you will quickly realise that there is one country amongst the 100+ I have visited as a travel writer, blogger and broadcaster that I am especially passionate about. It is, of course, my native Scotland.


It is easy to see why I am so passionate as this epic country, which offers so much, but I think is still seriously underrated by so many people who have yet to fully discover its charms. Did you know for example Scotland has over 800 islands or that almost 100 of these are inhabited? Did you know that without its islands the Scottish coastline is still three times that of England’s littoral, or that it is twice that of either France or Spain? Then there are the 282 mountains over 3,000 ft, the first place to be included on UNESCO World Heritage list twice (St Kilda) and the inventions. We brought the world not only tarmac, penicillin and, er, Dolly the Sheep, the telephone and TV too. Then, of course, there is the whisky…


As a proud Scot I’m delighted to be teaming up with those lovely folks over at Visit Scotland. I am writing some blogs for them with some more unusual slants on travelling Scotland. In my first blog I recall setting off in search of my favourite drams on Islay finding out if terroir counts with Scotland’s national drink. Look out for future blogs on a foodie family trip to the isles, a cruise to St Kilda in the footsteps of my late father and another on tackling the world famous West Highland Way with an eight and a five year old in tow!


I want to show you what makes Scotland so unique and so deeply enjoyable to travel around on holiday whether you are a first timer or have lived here all your life. Visit Scotland’s new tourist tagline is an evocative one, hailing ‘Scotland. A Spirit of its Own’. On your travels you can interact with the hashtag #scotspirit. Visit Scotland are great at sharing images so get posting!

Loch Coruisk - Boat Trip from Elgol

I really do feel there is something very special about Scotland and I’d like to share it now with you in my blogs. I hope you enjoy them and that they help inspire your travels. Slainte!


My Visit Scotland Blogs

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  1. Antje says:

    I like your blogs. Ilove Scotland. I cycled a few times through the southern part of Scotland. Next year I want to make a trip through Scotland for 7 weeks. Want to cycle and walk/hike. Which mountain should I walk/hike for a start?