Telegraph Articles on Scotland

| April 7, 2017

If you’ve read some of my work on Scotland you might quickly get the idea I’m quite a fan of my native country! In fact, after travelling to over 100 countries in a travel writing career spanning over two decades, Scotland remains my favourite destination in the world.

I always think it’s a shame when I meet people who haven’t been to Scotland yet or have only just scratched the surface yonks ago, as I have never met anyone who has spent a bit of time here who has regretted it.

I love sharing my passion for constantly changing Scotland through my work. The Telegraph asked me to pen a series of articles that help get across some of the highlights to this multi-faceted country. There are links to the pieces below. Hopefully you will find them useful and, who knows, they may even help inspire you to make your very own trip to Scotland. Slainte!

Aberdeenshire and its Glorious Castles

My Guide to the Ultimate Scottish Road Trips

Island Hopping on Scotland’s West Coast

Scotland’s Best Beaches

Escape to Orkney and Shetland


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