Top 5 Reasons You Should Go on a Cruise

| November 28, 2013

These days a cruise is often seen as something that everyone should do at least once in a lifetime. Indeed many first timers find that they love cruising so much that they really catch the bug and want to head out on more and more cruising adventures.

1. Escape Day to Day Life
A cruise is the perfect way to escape reality with your every need taken care of by somebody else. Then there is that vast ocean to help put your life into clearer perspective.

2. Explore the Globe by Ship
Cruises venture all over the world, from close to home places like sunny Spain and Portugal, through to further afield escapes like frozen Alaska and the exotic Middle East. And it is not all about being trapped at sea as you can stop off at a great selection of tourist hotspots en route. Handily even though you are discovering myriad destinations you only have to unpack once in your floating hotel!


3. Cruising Takes the Stress out of Travelling
Most travellers find that the stress of planning a holiday leaves them desperately in need of a break in itself. It can be a real pain managing everything from itineraries to customs in unfamiliar countries and there is a lot to be researched before packing and heading to a destination. Cruises also make life simpler no matter how late you book and you never have to worry about finding somewhere to eat or how you go about renting a car.

4. Cruises Are Much Cheaper Than you Think
Many aspiring holidaymakets tend to sometimes tone down their travelling expectations because of the prohibitive cost. The good news here is that cruising is no longer the exclusive reserve of the well off as the cruise price includes nearly everything across the duration of your voyage, from accommodation and food, through to entertainment and additional transport. And there is a cruise to suit every budget. See for more information on fabulous, stress-free last minute cruise deals.

5. You Can Choose Your Own Buddy
One of the joys of cruising is that you can take someone else along with you. It may be your beloved other half, or just friends or other members of your family. Whoever you take along they too get to share in what for most people is a real trip of a lifetime. If you have got kids many cruises now offer the likes of kids clubs and other activities to let stressed out mums and dads enjoy a bit of downtime too.

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