Top 5 UK Cities of Architecture

| October 2, 2013

The UK is renowned for its vibrant and historic cities, urban centres where the architecture is both appealing and beguiling.

These cities boast an eclectic mix of architecture, a collage of periods, styles and influences, from the Roman era through to the postmodern.

lowresIf you want to savour some of the superb architecture found in the UK’s cities check out this quintet of urban stars for starters.

1. London – London, as the largest and most famous city, often tops the list of cities known for their stunning architecture. It is punctuated with iconic landmarks, such as the BT Tower, Battersea Power Station and new The Shard. Other highlights include the British Museum, Lloyds of London and the Savoy Hotel, the latter renowned for its elegant and impressive sash window restoration.

2. Manchester – Manchester came to the fore through the Industrial Revolution and as such is home to a blend of strikingly modern and more traditional architecture architecture. Highlights range from the spectacular Urbis and Lowry to the First Church of Christ Scientist, which is now The Edgar Wood Centre.

3. York – In the 18th century York experienced a bit of a building boom. Georgian red-brick buildings mushroomed everywhere, replacing the old houses and shops. Some of the most exceptional pieces of architecture include The Red House, Fairfax House and Assembly Rooms.

4. Chester – A small city on the border between England and Wales that is home to some memorable Georgian, Regency, Victorian and Tudor architecture. The most famous highlight has to be ‘The Rows’, which are covered walkways on either side of the city’s main shopping street.

5. Edinburgh – Edinburgh is perhaps the most handsome city in the UK, an epic extravaganza of the ancient and the avant garde. Bar the castle perhaps the most striking building is the Scottish Parliament building. Some visitors love it, others hate it. Whatever you think Edinburgh’s architecture is rarely dull.

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