Ultimate Islay Whisky Guide for The Herald

| December 11, 2017

I don’t like whisky. Oh no, I LOVE it, always have. In my job as a travel writer it is a source of constant joy that I get to share my passion for Scotland’s nation drink with the wider world.

Scotch, or Scottish whisky (NEVER spelt with an ‘e’), is as complex and interesting as wine for me. In this piece I wrote recently for The Herald I take you a journey that begins with a slightly aloof sommelier in Paris telling me that all spirits, including whisky, don’t have ‘terroir’.

This dismissal is the starting point for a journey that takes me deep into the peat smoked isle of Islay, Scotland’s undisputed ‘whisky isle’.

Two PDFs of the articles should display below, but if not just click the links. Slainte!



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