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| February 12, 2018 | Reply

As a travel writer I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to embark on dozens of cruises all around the world, from the Rhine to Greenland and on to the Black Sea. There is one cruise destination that for me, though, bashes all the others out of the proverbial park and that is my native Scotland. Yes, seriously!

I love cruising Scottish waters with their intoxicating smorgasbord of epic scenery, world class wildlife and great local produce. Today the Scottish cruise scene is positively thriving. Forget about 5,000+ passenger monsters. Here the cruising is very much small scale, friendly and intimate. If you think you don’t like cruising Scotland I reckon could well change your mind.

I’ve just written a piece for the Sunday Post summing up the myriad cruises that are on offer in Scotland. Click here if you want to hop aboard. Happy sailing!

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